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“Why Investing in a Concrete Curbing Machine is a Smart Business Move”

Concrete curbing is a modern and popular landscaping trend that is taking the home and garden industry by storm. This durable and attractive form of landscaping is perfect for homeowners who want to add a lot of curb appeal to their property at relatively low cost. For entrepreneurs, investing in a concrete curbing business can be a smart move that can lead to a very profitable business venture.


Concrete curbing is a low-maintenance garden bed edging solution that can last for years. Unlike traditional landscaping methods, concrete curbing does not require regular maintenance (except for bi-annual sealing.) This makes it an ideal option for homeowners who want a beautiful yard without the hassle of maintaining loose, cracked or damaged edges. Additionally, because concrete curbing is so durable, it’s also an excellent option for commercial properties..


Investing in a concrete curbing machine can be a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business venture. Concrete curbing machines are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and the right machine can create a wide variety of curb styles. This makes them a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of different projects.


Additionally, concrete curbing machines are easy to use, even for those who are not experienced with construction or landscaping. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get started in the concrete curbing business, even if they have limited experience.


As well as their versatility and ease of use, concrete curbing machines also offer a high return on investment. The average cost of a one-day concrete curbing installation ranges from $1,500 to $3,500, meaning that entrepreneurs can earn a significant profit for each job.


Overall, investing in a concrete curbing machine is a smart business move for entrepreneurs who are looking for a profitable and low-maintenance business venture. With a concrete curbing machine, entrepreneurs can create beautiful and durable curb designs for homeowners and commercial properties, all while earning a significant return on investment.


At Lil’ Bubba, we offer unique and patented concrete curbing machines that are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. Our machines feature the patented elliptical plunger system which ensures a self feeding hopper and also scores the face of the extruded concrete to increase strength and durability oif the curb. The Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP and Spitfire EPC  are easy to use, versatile, and cost-effective, making either of them an ideal option for those looking to invest in a concrete curbing machine. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you start your own concrete curbing business!

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