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“The Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP: Innovative Technology for Superior Concrete Curbing Results”

When it comes to concrete curbing, the quality of the equipment you use can make a huge difference in the final results. The patented Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP is a game-changer in the world of concrete curbing machines. It’s the only machine in the world that uses the patented Elliptical Plunger drive system, which eliminates common problems like concrete bridging in the feed hopper and greatly improves compaction.

The Hornet EP’s unique extreme plunger action creates a more consistent flow while simultaneously scoring the concrete to prevent “flat spots” and “weak areas.” This results in a superior finished product that is strong, durable and looks great.

The Hornet EP’s innovative technology also can produce a wide variety of curb shapes up to 7.5” wide and 14” high. This versatility is only available with a Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP and is why the Hornet is the number one choice of curb machine for contractors worldwide. It’s the perfect machine for tackling tricky and challenging curbing projects. The machine is also easy to clean, which means less time and effort spent on maintenance, and more time spent on curbing.

The Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP is the first choice for professionals who want to take their curbing business to the next level. It’s innovative technology, ease of use and superior results make it a must-have for any concrete curbing business. Invest in a Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP today and see the difference it can make in your curbing projects.

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