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“The Lil’ Bubba Titan Pro MAX: The Ultimate Concrete Mixer for Landscape Curbing Professionals”

When it comes to concrete curbing, the quality of the curb mix and speed that it is produced is vitally important to an efficient and profitable operation. The Lil’ Bubba Titan Pro MAX is a game-changer in the world of concrete mixing for landscape curbing professionals. This mixer is the only concrete mixer available that was developed by curbers for curbers and designed specifically for the landscape curbing industry.

Powered by a Honda GX340 11hp Eco engine and driven hydraulically, the mixer has amazing power and can be reversed for auto dumping the load into your barrow. The hydraulic drive system is trouble free and makes machine maintenance as simple as using a grease gun. No troublesome belts, gears or pulleys to adjust or wear. 

The 12.5 ft³ mixing drum is easy to clean with an easily replaced poly floor and provides twice the mixed concrete per cycle than any other mixer available. The spiral mixing blade design allows for the perfectly mixed concrete every time. This means that less time is spent mixing concrete, and more time is spent crafting and molding your landscape curb.

The Lil’ Bubba Titan Pro MAX also works perfectly with CurbColor pigments, delivering consistent results every time. This mixer is designed to work with zero-slump curb mix, which means that you can achieve the perfect mix consistently without any waste.

If you’re looking to take your curbing business to the next level, the Lil’ Bubba Titan Pro MAX is a must-have. Invest in one today and see the difference it can make in your curbing projects. With the Titan Pro MAX, you’ll mix more concrete better and faster than ever before.

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